By: Micaela Helman-Tincher

Giving ain’t easy. As a cash-strapped 20-something I frequently feel compelled to give to causes, but can’t bring myself to give more than the occasional small donation. And, I’m sure, many 20-somethings join me in occasionally failing to give because we think that our small donation is “too small to make a difference.”

Well, here at Agahozo-Shalom, our kids find no such obstacles. For example:

This winter our director told the kids about a country not unlike theirs that had been devastated by an earthquake. Within a few weeks and with a few starter ideas from the staff, the kids were well on their way to raising money to help the kids of Ha-i-ti (how we pronounce it here).

The kids gave up meat for two weeks, asking that the village instead donate the money to Haiti. The kids and staff donated their personal funds, and the canteen gave all pencil sales profits to the cause. In the end a village of Rwandan orphans raised $800 for Haiti. We sent the money, along with cards from the kids, with the JDC’s envoy to Haiti.

Amazed? Me too, and it continues:

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