n Agahozo-Shalom we had a naming ceremony for our families. We did the research to find heros in history. We learned about many people and made our family decisions. Before the house naming ceremony we had families 1,2,3… until 8. But now every house has a name. For example, Family 8 is now Abraham Lincoln Family. Abraham Lincoln is a great American President who did not want Africans to be in slavery in America. Our naming ceremony was very nice for all the members of Agahozo-Shalom, especially the kids of the grade we call “Imbutu”, or fruits. We are the younger grade. I like that our families are named for heros because it means we must live up to their example. Family 1 is now Leopold Sedar Senghor Family Family 2 is now Madame C.J. Walker Family Family 3 is now Joan of Arc Family Family 4 is now John F. Kennedy Family Family 5 is now Leonardo da Vinchi Family Family 6 is now David Ben-Gurion Family Family 7 is now Patrice Lumumba Family Family 8 is now Abraham Lincoln Family.