The students enter the Liquidnet Family High School in Agahozo-Shalom having completed a middle school education (Senior level 3). We then we provide a year of “enrichment” or catch-up so they can be successful as high school freshmen (Senior 4). In Senior High school in Rwanda, the students choose studies of emphasis called their “combination”. Right now our Enrichment year students are choosing their academic combinations for their next 3 years of study. Two of our students share the combinations they chose and how these studies will bring them closer to reaching their life goals:

Choosing My Combination

By UWAMAHORO Marie Louise

I chose the combination H.E.G. of History, Economics, and Geography. I like to know history because I am interested in the past and the actions and progress of humans. Geography is a topic I find very hard, and I must study to succeed. I think it is important to know the physical and chemical features of our country and our continent and also our whole world. Economics is very interesting in my life because I need to study how I can be a future entrepreneur. Economics is my favorite subject in my combination, because it will really help me in the future. I am preparing to be a business woman. I need to work very hard and not expect other people to work for me. I have to create my own opportunities. When I have success I will be able to help other children in the world, even my kids in University. I will be able to create big projects with my knowledge of Economics.

Changing Our Country With Law or Engineering

By NGANIZI Augustin

For me, I chose P.C.B., the combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I want to be a scientist in Biology because I understand very well the sciences. In my future I need to be a good man who can help men who are poor and orphans. I want to be an engineer in water and electricity. In University I want to study pure physics. In my future I also know it is important to know the history of the past and so I would also study H.E.G. as my second choice. If I study H.E.G. I can become a lawyer and make a positive change in my country.