Marcia Riklis, Jacqueline Frank and Daniela Hirschfeld are in the midst of a trip to Rwanda, Ethiopia and Israel, and along the way they found the time to pay a visit to ASYV.  How did they find out about the village? Some call it 6 degrees of separation, others might call it ASYV's wide network of friends. Marcia's friend is the mother-in-law of one of the ASYV Board members, and so it was suggested that she pay the village a visit. Marcia, Jacqueline and Daniela were all fascinated by the living environment within the Village and the fact that the students do not have to wear uniforms. They were impressed by the facilities, the philosophy, and the values of ASYV and wished they had had more time to actually interact with the students. However, all three ladies were extremely disturbed that β€œthe students go from 7am-2pm without so much as a snack to keep their bodies and minds functioning and sharp while at school.” They also continually remarked  about the graduating class and what was going to happen to the students upon graduating and moving out of ASYV.