On Sunday, May 20th, the Village is quiet as students and staff are neatly tucked away in their homes, refusing to step out as overhead grey clouds threaten rain. Miles away in Rwamagana a storm of cheers and chants has erupted as our boy’s football and basketball teams emerge victorious from their respective matches. The boy’s football team has beaten St.Aloys 2-0 and the boys’ basketball team has won their match 68-49. They are the District champions.

As our boys and their accompanying fans board their buses, the storm of cheers and chants begins hurtling quickly towards the Village; threatening to disturb the quiet Sunday afternoon humdrum. It is a fast moving storm that soon bursts past the Village gates and careens down the Village road kicking up dust and announcing to all that there are champions present in the Village. Mamas and kids step out of their homes to investigate this sudden invasion of noise. They stand outside their homes, amused at the sight of celebratory vans carrying students so overcome with joy that they are waving shirts, banners, arms, anything they can get their hands on, out of the windows and banging on the take victory laps around the central Village circle. The sound of blasting horns and yelping students has fully invaded and squashed the Village silence. As we watch the sudden parade of champions, we can’t help but smile and swell up with pride in our students. Their hard work has paid off in full. And, although our boy’s volleyball team was unable to beat St. Kizito in a match up that ended with a score of 0-3, the Village remains extremely proud of their effort and hard work as well. Our boy’s football and basketball teams will now move on to play for the Eastern Province title in a few weeks. Congratulations Agahozo-Shalom for becoming Rwamagana District Champions!