Amahoro Group Won First Place in Rwanda! 

My name is Cyprien Uwizeye and I am a student at Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village. I am in Senior 4 (10th grade) and my combination in school is languages. I study English, French and Kinyarwanda (EFK). I live in the King Menelik Family at ASYV with 15 other boys and our Mama. I chose to participate in the Newspaper Club this year because I hope to follow a career in journalism. This year I was the Chief Editor of the Newspaper Club. It is my hope that my dream of having a future role in journalism will be perfect. Thank you all for reading my blog entry!

Amahoro Group, a team of Agahozo-Shalom students who have been singing together for a few years, recently went to Gisenyi in Western Rwanda to compete in a great competition at the national level. Amahoro Group had earned their place at Gisenyi because they were second place in both the District and Province level competitions this year. At Gisenyi, Amahoro competed against seven other singing groups from across Rwanda. Among those singers was another Agahozo-Shalom group, The Braves, who had been first place in the District and Province levels. The Braves managed to win third position over the weekend. 

Amahoro as a group was so pleased at being rewarded first place at the national level. When I approached one of the group members, Blaize, he shared his thoughts with me. I asked him about the approach Amahoro Group used to get the first position and overcome all the other competitors. I asked him, “How did you feel after being informed about your win? What were your reactions after?” Blaize smiled and answered, “We became so happy and very excited!… Actually when I heard that we were going to Gisenyi to compete, we as a group really felt so pleased. We went there with confidence that we could have a victory.” 

I also asked what other strategies they used. Blaize said, “We didn’t use any special strategies, only keeping hope inside us and having many practices. As the quote states, ‘Practice makes perfect’”. 

After winning the National title of First Place for 2013, the Amahoro Group became so proud and very pleased. As a Village, the entire ASYV community congratulated the group, especially for working hard, and also for earning such success at such a high level. 

Submitted by Senior 4 student Cyprien