lanting Trees in the Village as an Icon of Long-Term Partnership

Contributed by Dimitrie Mukanyiligira Sissi, Partnership & Advocacy Coordinator at ASYV

It was a special day in the Village on Saturday October 19, 2013.  The entire office of Immigration and Emigration services of the Republic of Rwanda comprised of 120 employees and their Director General Mr. Kalibata Anaclet came to visit Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village. They brought with them 3000 trees (1000 Avocado seedlings, 500 Mango seedlings, and 1500 Eucalyptus seedlings) to be planted throughout the Village. Agahozo-Shalom students, staff and Immigration and Emigration Services employees worked side by side and planted them all!

This past summer, during the vacation between the Village’s second and third terms, Immigration and Emigration Services hosted their annual retreat for 3 days in the Village. During their stay, they were very impressed by the ASYV kids and staff, and the hospitality of each and every person.  They expressed extreme happiness with their experience and decided that they wanted to serve as Village ambassadors and friends.  In mid-October, they came back to express their gratitude through the planting of trees. This gift was delivered as a symbol of a long-term partnership, lifelong friendship and a desire to participate as partners in the growth and development of both the Village and the youth who live at ASYV.

In his speech, The Director General said that during their time at the Village over the summer, his staff came to appreciate the mission and vision of Agahozo-Shalom. They appreciate what is being done for future generations in Rwanda and wanted to emphasize the partnership between the two institutions – his and Agahozo-Shalom. In addition, he sent well-wishes to encourage the current Senior 6 (12th grade) students as they graduate and head out beyond the gates of Agahozo-Shalom.  

It was a very nice and exciting event for both kids and staff as they interacted with the Immigration and Emigration Services staff.  To conclude the event, the institution awarded two certificates of appreciation to Agahozo-Shalom. One was presented to the Management and Staff and the other to the kids in recognition of the important work being done in the Village.