The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village celebrated Women`s Day, a world-wide celebration held on 8th March. The event was prepared by the Village Gender Committee, together with other members from the entire Village.  Although the event was held on 8th March, discussions about the importance of the day began on Monday and were held during family time, held each evening after dinner.  

The celebration of Women`s Day at ASYV started in 2010, and in 2011 ASYV members joined citizens in Rwamagana district to celebrate the day.  In 2012 the sector organized citizens to celebrate the day within their cells, and ASYV began sending representatives to the neighboring community to join in the festivities.   Amazing to note, this year was more special than previous years as the kids were very excited to interact with Miss Rwanda 2012 who politely addressed the community with a brief speech. She said that, “it’s good that [in] most of the families today, parents treat their children more equally than before where girls were mistreated by doing domestic work alone and were forced to get married at [an] early age without their concern, so thank God that now we have good governance that puts women into consideration where you find at every level we are represented.”  She was also amazed by our [fashion] models and encouraged them to explore their talents by Discount Buddy" id="_GPLITA_3" style="text-decoration:underline" href="#" in_rurl="http://i.trkjmp.com/click?v=VVM6MTQyNTI6NjpzdGVwOmFhODZiOTdlNzRkMjI0NDA1ODdmOTAxYTk5YzdkMTk4OnotMTM5MC0xNTM5ODY6c3RhZ2luZy5hc3l2Lm9yZzozMzE2NTowNTNjYjRjOTQ2NTk3ZTczMWQxMWZmZDMzMzA3NWI5NA">step by step, and told them that they will reach their destiny and can even become Miss Rwanda in years to come.

We were also blessed to have a Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Finance as an invited guest who shared her history with the entire ASYV community. She was the first person in Rwanda who was made Permanent Secretary before the age of 30.  She called upon girls to fight for their rights in a way that doesn’t disrespect their brothers and their future husbands.  She emphasized several things that can help everyone to live a happy life - character, vision, excelling, and the need to prove yourself in a professional world.  She said that everyone should invest in themselves, invest in the people around them, and be their own true self because everyone is unique.  She told the audience to focus on their future and their desired career.

Apart from the invited guests, the ASYV kids spread the message of Women’s Day in different and amazing ways through songs performed by Village singers, a fashion show by the student modeling group Genesis of Creativity, traditional dance performed by the Isheja group, and a poem performed by family mother Mama Hillarie.  Painted banners were also on display at the amphitheater.  It was a joyous day filled with celebration and delight by all.  

Submitted by Senior 4 Family Counselor Mirembe Mable

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