Reflecting its dedication to helping heal the world, The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village fostered the development of a solar field located on Village property that will generate enough electricity to contribute to a roughly 10 percent increase in the country's electricity supply.  Through ASYV's leadership, various entrepreneurs, investors, government and technical professionals collaborated to build what will be East Africa's largest photovoltaic installation, located in a Village whose mission is to care for Rwanda's most vulnerable children.  ASYV is leasing land to house the solar facility, the fees from which will help pay for a portion of the Village's charitable expenses.

"Anne Heyman, our Founder of blessed memory, held to a vision in which the Village practiced Tikkun Olam, the Jewish teaching to help heal the world.  In addition to our work with Rwandan's most vulnerable children, we're now helping to improve the lives of thousands of people through sustainable electricity generation," said Laurie Toll Franz, ASYV's newly elected Board Chair.

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