Gaju Yvonne is an Enrichment year (first year) student at Agahozo-Shalom.  She wrote and performed this poem during Village Time, our weekly Friday night talent show. Gaju calls herself an “accidental poet,” as this was her first attempt at writing a poem. 

Why do we have to suffer

I lived all alone 

In a dark world full of sorrow 

I had no vision of the future

I had no hope at all


I had no family 

I was all alone, and those who were called my family

They mistreated me 

They used to call me good for nothing

And I always knew that I was good for nothing


I didn’t know what was behind the darkest world I was living in

I was all blind

Many times I sat down all alone wishing that I could find someone to share sorrow

Someone’s shoulder to cry on 

Someone who could understand me


I always wished that someone could read my thoughts

Know what I was thinking 

I couldn’t find anyone because I was living in a cruel world

My stepmother used to beat me all the time

I wished I could have died because I could not see the reason of staying alive 


I had no one to wipe my tears

No one to hold me tight when I was feeling lonely

No one to stay by my side when I was feeling lonely

The sun couldn’t shine, 

My world was so dark - full of tears and thoughts


My heart was full of sorrow

I didn’t know how beautiful the blue sky was

I couldn’t find out how the stars could shine bright

I couldn’t know how beautiful I am because I had no one to tell me so

I was all alone in that cruel world


But the time came when I was relieved from that dark world

My tears were all wiped away

I smiled for the first time in my life

For the first time I saw the sun shining

For the very first time I saw how beautiful was the sky


I saw the stars dancing in the sky

I thought that I was dreaming

But for now all I know is it’s not a dream, but a reality

I couldn’t know that I could find a lovely and caring family

I’ve found a beautiful mama who encourages me all the time


Who always tell me that I am capable of everything

I also have

adorable sisters and caring brothers to take my hand and guide my steps

From that time

till now I started hoping for the bright future

Now I have good friends, I can dance, play with my colleagues


Because I am no longer in that cruel world

Now I have a dream

I have a vision for my tomorrow 

I have hope because now I know that I have the potential

From the time I reached in Agahozo-Shalom where I have all the opportunities


I can speak out what is in my mind I know I have 

to use all the opportunities I have to realize my dream

And become a strong woman

Now I am a strong lady and I hope to become the strongest woman!

Thank you Agahozo-Shalom for being there when I needed you most


Written by Gaju Yvonne, "the accidental poet"