Hero: noun. a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities.

February began with Rwanda's National Heroes Day, where the country celebrates exemplary members of society who have showcased great courage and selflessness. Over the years countless heroes have arisen from a nation faced with much adversity, whether it be a mother working long hours to care for her children, or a schoolteacher devoting time to help a student. At Agahozo-Shalom there are many examples of such heroes, but every year the students specially select a Mr. and Ms. Core Value to represent each grade. 

For those not familiar with the Village, the students (and staff) are encouraged to abide by seven core values:

  1. Role model: live and lead by example in a positive way 
  2. Support: Help and encourage one another 
  3. Commitment: embrace the mission and go the extra mile 
  4. Integrity: always be honest with yourself and others and act accordingly 
  5. Interest of child: base every decision on how it impacts the child 
  6. Learning community: seek and maximize opportunity for growth and development 
  7. Respect: be considerate and mindful of others and the environment 

These ideals were generated to inspire everyone at the Village to remain accountable to themselves and to their peers. The selection process begins with each ASYV family household (8 per grade) voting for a member of their family who best exemplifies the ASYV Core Values. Each elected student then delivers a few statements to their classmates, conveying how they embody the Core Values. Each grade votes and chooses their Mr. and Ms. Core Value. 

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Mr. and Ms. Core Values! Drum roll please…

Ingenzi Grade (S6, 12th Grade) - Dative and Patrick, photo is upper right (below)

Ishema Grade (S5, 11th Grade) - Pacifique and James, photo is lower right (below)

Icyizere Grade (S4, 10th Grade) - Elisee and Roger, photo is upper left (below)

New Grade (Enrichment Year, 9th Grade) - Honorine and Pacifique, photo is lower left (below)

Submitted by Shelby Sullivan, 2015 Village Fellow