The name Agahozo-Shalom is a combination of the Kinyarwanda word agahozo, meaning where “tears are dried," and the Hebrew word Shalom, meaning, “to live in peace.” True to our name, Agahozo-Shalom believes in providing our kids with a plethora of opportunities to discover their passions and to heal through informal education programs. An example of one of these programs is the after-school sport exercises. Our kids are exposed to a variety of athletic endeavors - basketball, football (soccer), track and field, volleyball, and karate. 

Friendly grade-against-grade tournaments provide opportunities for students to become orientated with the sports offered at the Village, and also allows kids the chance to become increasingly more unified as a grade, and as a team.  Additionally, the younger kids have the opportunity to witness the incredible team-building that has already occurred within the older grades. As is tradition, members of the Senior Six (4th year students - 12th grade) class raise quite a ruckus, applauding their colleagues as they take the field before a competition, and show off dance moves and chants that they have perfected over the years. This friendly competition between grades encourages everyone involved to feel a strong sense of pride and connection to their class.

Program Coordinator Jean-Claude Parisien, who has actively been overseeing and coaching these teams, described the newest grade at ASYV, “These kids have a strong-will to be involved in sports, especially the females. They are dedicated to improving their skills and are eager to become stronger than other grades.”  

Agahozo-Shalom believes in a holistic approach to healing, which includes traditional counseling, as well as expression through art and sports. The Enrichment Year students will be exposed to as many different clubs and programs as possible, so that they can learn their interests and discover their full potential. Oh, and not that it matters, but Enrichment Year did take home the girl’s volleyball and boy’s basketball crown during the first term!

Submitted by Shelby Sullivan, 2015 Village Fellow