It is a proud week at Agahozo-Shalom as our recent graduating class (Indatwa) has finally received their National Exam results. An impressive 98.3% passed the examination, with 88% of the students eligible for attendance at a University and 10% able to pursue vocational education. Exceptionally, Leonard, a student in Indatwa Grade not only passed, but also achieved an incredible 73/73 on his tests - a perfect score, which means that he received the best marks out of every student in Rwanda!  Leonard came back to the Village to support Enrichment Year (1st year students) during their recent midterms, encouraging them to perform their best by stating, “You have to forget your hard life, and instead be driven and have vision for your future.” 

This is also a very exciting moment for the principal of the Liquidnet Family High School, who has seen firsthand the hard work that went into preparing for the National Exams. Over the course of the Senior 6 (12th Grade, 4th year students) school year, the students take five mock examinations, so that they feel more comfortable with the layout of the test and learn patience in knowing how to divide their time. Principal Bonaventure happily lauded the student’s success, “Most of these kids arrived at the Village hardly speaking English and unable to complete basic mathematics, but with the help of the entire Village, (the Mama’s, the teachers, the cousins, everyone), we get to see them succeed in the National Exams. The student’s success is the biggest source of pride!”  


Submitted by Shelby Sullivan, 2015 Village Fellow