You hire them as interns in the Village! 

Meet the 2015 Agahozo-Shalom Interns:


Age: 20

Hometown: Butare 

Bruce is the Photo and Videographer Intern at ASYV. He teaches a Photography and Videography Enrichment Program (extracurricular class) and leads the Photography Club, where students learn how to take pictures, use Photoshop, and edit videos. Bruce is a busy man! He is currently juggling nine different projects, and assisting our students in the creation of various videos to show at our weekly talent show, Village Time, held each Friday evening in the Lily Safra Amphitheatre. Throughout his internship, Bruce wants to share his knowledge about photography and gain experience in the field. Although it was only recently that he was an ASYV student (he graduated in January 2015), Bruce takes his internship seriously. His dedication is evident through his great photos, and his place as a role model for younger students.  He has already produced multiple videos for the Village, and his photography has been used for the majority of ASYV’S social media posts throughout 2015. When asked, Bruce said that five years from now he would like to be studying Communications/Journalism at a University. 

Age: 20


Age: 22

Hometown: Nyamesheke 

Antoinette is interning with the ASYV as a librarian at the Liquidnet Family High School. She is pulling double-duty, as she is also serving as a Big Sister for the Nyumba Family. At Agahozo-Shalom, a Big Sister/Brother is an older role model who lives in the Village, making him/herself available to give advice and support to our students. Antoinette explains that both sides of her internship provide diverse and important experiences. She enjoys working in the library as it gives her plentiful opportunities to expand her knowledge through reading. As a Big Sister she feels responsible to share what she has learned, such as how to manage your time and prepare for reality of life outside the Village after graduation. Antoinette believes that while it is vital to share what you know, it is equally important to listen. “I help the students, but they also help me.”  In five years, Antoinette wants to have graduated from University and working as a nurse to help the sick. "I want to follow our Founder Anne Heyman's advice and pay it forward in my career."


Age: 22

Hometown: Southern Province

A recent graduate from 2014, Eric now works at “The Store.” The Store is where all materials are kept and distributed for the entire Village, from toiletries to textbooks to sports gear.  His responsibilities include monitoring, logging, and issuing necessary items for each family home and department within Agahozo-Shalom. Having completed his secondary school education, he was eager to gain work experience that could launch his professional career. During his time as a student at the Village, Eric was a star player on the basketball team and studied IT in his Professional Skills classes. Now he sacrifices his free time to help out the new basketball team and to assist our IT staff. In five years, Eric hopes to be working as a Civil Engineer. 


Age: 21

Hometown: Kigali

Rossi is the Visual Art Intern at Agahozo-Shalom, and teaches different techniques for creating art through our Enrichment Programs and Art Club.  He is always available to support a student’s project, whether it is making jewelry or painting a picture. Rossi became interested in art while he was studying at the ASYV, and was able to develop his talent through the Village Art Center. What he enjoys the most about art is that it appears in our daily life, “Everything that surrounds us and everything that we do, I consider art: landscape, nature, the way that you wear your clothes. What I like about art is that I use it everywhere.” Rossi is a talented artist who prides himself on having integrity and being peaceful. He ensures that the Village is always filled with a little more color and beauty through his paintings. In five years, Rossi hopes to further develop his passion for painting.  


Hometown: Rwamagana

Jeanne is in charge of The Cantine, a small shop near the center of the Village that allows the ASYV to be more self-sufficient by selling delicious snacks and knickknacks to ASYV staff, students, and visitors. Jeanne also leads the Hospitality Club. Since beginning her internship at the ASYV, Jeanne has been busy revamping The Cantine, now making fruit, yogurt, and chocolate (a favorite!) available to customers! Jeanne encourages current students to be committed and respectful, and reminds them to always take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. Jeanne was in the Hospitality Club while she was a student in the Village, and she wants to continue developing her business skills. She has many ambitions, however in five years Jeanne wants to be able to support herself and work towards helping orphans throughout Rwanda. Her favorite snack at The Cantine is a Mars chocolate bar.  

Submitted by Shelby Sullivan, 2015 Village Fellow