On September 13th, the Village community commemorated eight of our beloved members who have tragically passed away, students Philbert, Victoire, and Jeannette, Family Mama Annonciata, Health and Wellness nurse Elody , Teacher Vincent de Paul, one of the founding members of the team that established the Village, Sifa, and the Founder of ASYV, Anne Heyman. 

The ceremony was a time for Agahozo-Shalom to come together as a family and remember those who had such an incredible impact on the Village. The morning began with a celebration of Mass communion and was then followed by a lighting of eight candles, to represent each individual.

Agahozo-Shalom is a home evocative of healing and hope, and as such, it is imperative for our organization to respond to heartbreak by coming together for support and mourning.

Leader of Religion Club at ASYV, Mama Gorith, worked hard in preparation for the service, explaining the importance of remembrance, “It is always good to commemorate someone. I have too much experience in losing people from the genocide of 1994. When I commemorate someone, it helps me to feel close to them. It is nice to be able to provide a beautiful service to honor a loved one’s memory.

The actions and influences that these eight members left in our community will never be forgotten. May they rest in peace.

Submitted by Shelby Sullivan, 2015 Village Fellow