Bella Masabo


Family: Queen Esther
Academic Concentration (Referred to as a Combination): Mathematics, Economics, Geography

I studied at the FAWE Girls School in Kigali before arriving at the ASYV. It was always difficult finding money to pay for school fees, materials, uniform etc. I lived at home with my mother, one sister, and two brothers.

Upon hearing that I had been selected to join the Village, I felt overjoyed because there would no longer be any stresses over school fees. I was also so excited to have a new family that I could share experiences with. I had friends that were part of the Indatwa grade that already graduated here and they always had amazing things to say about this place.

Since arriving in the Village almost two years ago, I have had many achievements. I was recently elected to serve as Minister of Education for the Student Government. In my new role, I hope to improve the peer-tutoring program we have here in the Village and to encourage students to be confident expressing themselves in English. I hope to work closely alongside the school faculty in order to achieve this.

Other achievements I've had here include serving as Miss Core Values of the Imena grade during Enrichment Year, being appointed Vice-President of the Liquidnet Family High School magazine and joining the debate team. Earlier this year I helped the team win the iDebate League competition at national level. I also recently won the Village's Female Solidarity Legacy speech competition.

I have the Village and educators here to thank for many of the things I've achieved here. The self-confidence I have gained whilst being here has been instrumental to my success.

In the future, I hope to study Politics and Economics at a university in the United States and eventually would like to work for the Rwandan government in the Ministry of Education. I also love poetry and would like to have the time to write poems in my spare time.