N-Pac the Artist


In this week's blog we talk to Senior 5 student, Pascal-Claudien Hakizimana about his love for art and how ASYV has helped facilitate his passion. Pascal-Claudien (alias N-Pac) spends the vast majority of his free time in the Village producing artwork that has been subject to much admiration. His work is exhibited in the ASYV gift shop and some of his pieces have even been sold to visitors in order to help raise money for the Village.

N-Pac has a colourful personality and a good sense of humour which has helped him to make many friends during his time in the Village. His collection reflects his character and encompasses a broad range of styles and mediums making him a multi-talented artist. N-Pac's main studies are portraits of people who reside in the Village, but he has also produced a great many paintings of wild animals.

Here's what N-Pac had to say when we caught up with him in his art room sanctuary...

Leigh: "Hi Pascal. Can we start with you telling me a little about yourself and where your interest in art originated?"

N-Pac: "My name is Hakizimana Pascal-Claudien and I'm from the Nelson Mandela family. I am nineteen years old and am currently studying in Senior 5 at the Liquidnet Family High School.

I think that my interest in art began when I was in primary school. My mother loved art, and after she died I felt that I wanted to discover the reason why it was such a passion of hers."

Leigh: "Thank you for sharing that. Perhaps we can talk a little bit about how ASYV has helped you to further discover your passion for art."

N-Pac: "Since arriving in the Village, I have flourished as an artist. Having access to the necessary materials together with the support of an excellent teacher has enabled me to develop my skills and grow in confidence. ASYV's commitment toward nurturing my talent has also given me hope for my future and the motivation to do exciting things with my artwork - things that I could never have dreamed of before."

Leigh: "It sounds like the Village has really helped you to master your ability. How do you think drawing and painting has influenced your life and what is it that you enjoy so much about it?"

N-Pac: "During vacations, I have been able to earn some money in exchange for my artwork. This money has helped me to afford some basic needs in my life such as shoes and clothes. Not only am I able to gain a small income from my art, but the process also helps me to feel good and relieve stress. I find drawing and painting to be therapeutic, which helps me to forget about worries from the past."

Leigh: "Clearly art is something that has helped you in many aspects of life. It has led to making new friends, peacefulness, hope for the future, and even a small income! Can you tell us what plans you have going forward in terms of art?"

N-Pac: "I think that when I finish high school I will pursue art as a career. I still have a lot to learn and believe that I can fulfil my ambition by studying art at university. ASYV has contributed so much toward making my dreams come closer to reality and I am so thankful for all the support that has been given to me"

Submitted by Leigh Woods, Village Fellow 2016