Isonga @ Mugesera


For the past few years, the ASYV has treated kids in the new grade to a fun-filled trip to nearby Lake Mugesera. Each occasion has comprised a variety of exciting activities including boat rides, sports competitions, dance parties and a barbeque!

This year the trip had a slight twist as kids were encouraged to participate in Tikkun Olam, Mucaka Mucaka and a scavenger hunt en route.The kids were split into four groups and each were given detailed instructions to follow throughout the two-hour journey along the red dirt road to the lake.

Everybody arrived at the venue in high spirits and the sense of excitement only heightened upon being met by the taxi boat which would transport each family for a short ride around the lake. The kids enjoyed singing songs and having their photos taken during each ride with just the two pairs of sunglasses going overboard.

On the lakeside, various activities ensued including games of Frisbee, American football and a boom (dance party) with many of the local children joining in the fun. The kids were also treated to a delicious meal served by Christopher and Jimmy which everybody gathered together under the steel-framed canopy to enjoy.