Meet Our Newest Staff!

June 25, 2017

Souvenir Alphonsine, Learning & Development Coordinator

Souvenir grew up in the Western province of Rwanda where she attended high school. After high school, she went on to study Clinical Psychology at the National University of Rwanda. Since 2010, Souvenir has been working with organizations including Africa in Land Mission, WHY WAIT Projects, and the International Justice Mission (IJM). In 2015, she was admitted to the College of Medicine and Health Sciences' School of Public Health and is due to graduate in August with a Master's Degree in Public Health.

Souvenir joined ASYV in April 2017 this year as Learning and Development Coordinator of the Parental Wholeness department. In her role, she works hand in hand with Family Mothers to improve the lives of the kids in the Village and the alumni that have graduated. She facilitates trainings for the Mamas and other educators in the domain of adolescent psychology, parenting skills, and trauma-focused therapy.

"In my role, I hope to work with the family mothers to heal the wounds of kids who have experienced trauma in a holistic way," she says. "I aim to identify the strengths and weaknesses for intervening in any kid’s case. I hope to help in raising kids that feel they are worthy of being and who will serve Rwandan society as good citizens."

Christian Muhawenimana, Instructional Coach

Christian Muhawenimana is an educator whose more recent experience as an English and Leadership Instructor has made him a first-hand witness to how learner-centered approach and competency-based education has resulted in a total paradigm shift in matters related to education in his native Rwanda. From August 2015 until the time he joined ASYV, Christian served as English and Leadership Instructor at Akilah Institute for Women.

Prior to joining the Akilah Insititute for Women, Christian worked for the famous ULK (Kigali Independent University) as an English Language Lecturer, a position he held after serving as the National Executive Secretary for ARDE/KUBAHO and as the Executive Director of COFORWA, two local non-profit organizations that focus on water supply, sanitation and hygiene education.

Christian has also worked for a year at Water For People, a US-based NGO focusing on ensuring that all the world’s people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation. At Water For People-Rwanda, Christian served as a sociologist for the Rulindo Challenge Program in the Rulindo District of Northern Province in Rwanda. Among his duties was conducting needs assessments for new water supply projects. As he began to see the impact of clean water and sanitation, Christian became increasingly passionate about the cause. He championed implementation of the Kisaro Water Supply Project, which would provide access to clean water for nearly 18,000 people in the district’s Kisaro Sector, and played a vital role in needs assessment, community mobilization and documentation. He also helped in socio-economic identification for new water supply projects in the district’s Burega and Ntarabana sectors.

Prior to his involvement with clean water and sanitation projects, Christian – who received a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts with Education (B.A Ed with a specialization in English and literature) from the Kigali Institute of Education – enjoyed a six-year career in education. He taught English and literature in numerous schools in the Kigali area, including the FAWE Girls’ School, Kacyiru Islamic School, Glory Secondary School, and AIPR Nyandungu. Christian served as headmaster of College APEGIRUBUKI, a private secondary school in the Gicumbi District, and taught English in different schools up-country, including Nyamata St. Francois Xavier Secondary School-APEBU, Ecole Secondaire de Gaseke, Ecole Secondaire de Bukure, and Ecole Secondaire de Kageyo. A renowned English language teacher mentor, he worked for the Ministry of Education training teachers in the Nyabihu and Gasabo Districts as part of the English for Teaching/English for Teachers program.

After six years in education, Christian went to work in the Parliament of Rwanda in the Chamber of Senate. He credits his experience in taking minutes for Parliamentary sessions with strengthening his skills in writing, communication and working under tight schedules.

Christian is finalizing a Master's Degree in Educational Management and he hopes that it will equip him with new skills to support his role at ASYV. Before he turns 40, Christian hopes to get a PhD in Adolescent Education. He is very passionate about teacher capacity development, project management, public relations and communication, fundraising and advocacy; and international relations. His burning desire is to become a school principal for a famous school one day.

Joselyne Umwariwase, Senior Nurse

Joselyne Umwariwase is from the Rulindo district in the Northern Province of Rwanda. This is where she began her career as a nurse at Kinihira hospital.

"I like working with children and I especially find it impactful to help those who are suffering and need special attention," explains Joselyne. "I wanted to offer my contribution to accomplish the vision and mission of ASYV."

In her role as Senior Nurse, Joselyne provides clinical and managerial leadership to ASYV's nursing and support staff. In addition, she helps to bridge communication between patients, family mothers and other family educators, and psychosocial workers, and she is responsible for the planning, implementation, evaluation, and follow up care plans of ASYV's 523 teens.