Meet ASYV students, Diane and Christophe

My name is Diane. I study Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at the Liquidnet Family High School at the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village.

“When I came to Agahozo-Shalom, I felt so surprised that people who have love like this exist in this world.” - Diane

I lost my parents when I was five years old, and had to move in with an alcoholic uncle who couldn't take care of me. I lived in fear of being hopeless, and it was hard for me to live with other people.
My family at ASYV has taught me how to feel love, and I have been able to believe that my dreams can come true. I want to thank every person at ASYV, donors, the Board, and God, for giving me the opportunity to have life again. 

“Now, I have hope for my future - the hope that the knowledge I have will help me become who I want to be.” - Christophe

My name is Christophe. I was born into a family of four children, and I am the youngest. My daddy died before I was born and my mama passed away when I was young. My sister was old enough to find work and feed her little brothers. Before I came to ASYV, I planned to finish primary school and then be a street-boy.

Fortunately, I was chosen to study at Agahozo. Here, I found there are many things that can support you in life. My family here supports me and gives me advice on what to do when I have a problem. There are so many things I have studied that will help me to find a job when I graduate.
Love and education transform lives and futures.
Help us build a better future for Christophe, Diane, and more than 500 of their brothers and sisters at ASYV.