Meet Deborah and Amiga

Class of 2021

February 19, 2018

Why is the Village important to you? 

Deborah: At ASYV, you get love from people. If you didn't get love from your dad, then you get that love here. There are the student families and the staff. JC and Vincent are like the dads, we get so much love from them.

Amiga: We have people here who care for us, we have mothers, we have cousins. Our teachers are not even really our teachers, they are our guardians. We don't pay school fees, we eat for free. We have homes. And we have so many opportunities here because of our Enrichment programs.

What activities are you involved in at the Village? 

Deborah: Pay it Forward, Girl Up, and the Media Club. I like to present the ASYV news because when I present I don't forget my English. I feel more confident since it's not like all people can present news.

Amiga: Girl Up, Poetry Club, and Pay it Forward. Girl Up is about learning public speaking and pushing for equality between girls and boys. Pay It Forward is Tikkun Olam - we help people who are poor and we help pay school fees for them.

What is your favorite memory of ASYV, so far?

Deborah: I liked when Omekango Dibinga (an American poet and musician) visited the Village. He really inspired me, his story encouraged me and made feel that although I have challenges I just have to keep on going and not give up. I learned that faith is the key to everything.

Amiga: New Year’s Eve. I talked to a lot of people. It was just happy. I met my best friends. And, I also read a poem, called "Chance."

What do you want to do when you graduate from ASYV? 

Deborah: My dream is to help girls. Raise up the talents of girls, help them be more confident in themselves. I want to start an NGO that empowers girls. In Rwanda, there are a lot of successful women, and I will invite them to my NGO to have them explain to younger girls what women can do.

Amiga: I want to be a counselor. Someone who gives advice to people who need it, people who have certain problems and need help. People who are fed up with their situations, they can come to me and I will talk to them.

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