By: A collaboration by Elyse Tuyizere, Marie Louise Uwamahoro, Theoneste Mugwaneza, and Justin Uwase

When we arrived in the village for the 3rd term we started to prepare our event for our Amphitheater opening. For the two weeks before our event all of the families painted and cleaned the new theater. After two weeks of practice and preparation it was time for the event. August 28, 2010 at 7:00 pm the whole village came together with many guests, including kids from the Beit Alezraki youth village from Israel. To start the event our principal Wilton said welcome and introduced the event MC, Pacy. He also invited Anne and Nir to welcome the guests. Our program included a play written by Wilton which is called, “I never found the time for crying” about Genocide. Student actors performed this true story. The play was very sad but important. There was also a fashion show, modern dance, the village choir, and the “Hip-hop Warrior” group. Emmanuel from the senior 4 class presented his art and there was also a special ceremony to honor the workers who built the theater. Their families were present too. “It was very good for me and the play made me want to improve my future” said Elyse. Theoneste said, “I saw the best singers and the played hurt my heart because it was true and very sad”. Justin said, “The event was very good because of the many visitors we had there. The play helped the visitors to learn about the situation we had in Rwanda”. Marie Louise wanted to end the article by sharing, “The event was very fun for me because I see that in ASYV we have so many kids who are interesting, intelligent, and talented”.