A Family that Lasts

After graduation, our alumni study together, form businesses together, and even get married, carrying their Village bonds with them always.

Read about some of our alumni and how they’ve remained deeply connected with their ASYV family.

Go Great Discovery Tour Company

Go Great Discovery tour company was started by 4 ASYV alumni (Blaise N., Bernisse K., Edmond T., and Ornella U. R.) and is currently operated by Edmond (Class of 2016) and Alice T. (Class of 2016). The company is the main provider of transportation and excursion services for the Village and its visitors.

Alumni were inspired to start the company after seeing an advertisement from USAID, in which the group was seeking transportation services within Rwanda. After winning the work with USAID, the group began to formalize their business.

“Working for Go Great helps me to remain connected to the Village,” says Alice, Go Great’s Communications & Marketing Manager. The group is inspired to continue their growth so that one day they can pay it forward as sponsors to ASYV. They will also continue to employ ASYV alumni as part of the business.

“Whatever we achieve,” says Alice “we owe it to Agahozo-Shalom."



ENVISION Media Arts Collective

ENVISION Media Arts Collective was started Peter Lee, a former ASYV “cousin” who lived in the Village from 2016 - 2017.

The collective employs ASYV alumni and other emerging Rwandan artists who are seeking a space to create and build careers in the arts.

Alumni currently involved in the social enterprise include Frank M. (Class of 2015), Idi B. (Class of 2015), Louis Padua G. (Class of 2016), Moise M. (Class of 2017), and Yvette U. (Class of 2015).

Check out this video to see ENVISION and our alumni in action or read more about how ASYV led to ENVISION’s founding in The New Times!

University of Nebraska Alumni Family

Through the University of Nebraska's College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Undergraduate Scholarship Program (CUSP), eight ASYV alumni have brought their bond of family to university.

The alumni studying at the university spend time together often, whether they’re studying, participating in the same extracurricular clubs and organizations, or attending sporting events. Some even live together.

Maurice M. (Class of 2016) recalls when he first arrived to school. “[The alumni] could not sleep until they found my room and gave me a tour of the campus and reminded me that I should always ask them whenever I have questions or concerns. They also told me how I could adapt to the new culture. Additionally, they helped me to get ready for winter by showing me some inexpensive places [to buy warm gear].”

“Each and every single individual feels so blessed to be surrounded by their younger and elder brothers,” says Ferdinand T. “We’ve created a new ASYV branch here at the university. We wouldn’t be calling each other brothers if it was not for the love and care we have gained from ASYV. We thank each and every one who made this possible for us.”



Immaculee and Cedric - An ASYV Union

Immaculee M. and Cedric N. met at ASYV in 2014. From different districts in Rwanda, they feel lucky to have met as students during their time in the Village. They courted through their time at Agahozo-Shalom and after Immaculee graduated, they decided to get married. Cedric and Immaculee wed on October 11, 2018 in a joyous ceremony surrounded by their ASYV family.


Jill Radwin