Welcome Back to Our Students!

It’s hard to believe we are already three weeks into our 2019 Academic year. It has been a busy few weeks at the Village!

When the students are gone, the Village always feels a little empty. We are so happy to have their laughter and chatter filling up the Village and making it feel alive again. 

At the end of December, we welcomed our EY students for two weeks of orientation. The 128 students started off their first day meeting their new brothers or sisters, Mamas, cousins and big siblings.  Over the next two weeks the students bonded with their families and the whole enrichment year, learned our Core Values and Village expectations, began English and computer literacy courses, and settled into their new home. Each year we are amazed by how quickly the EY students become a family and feel at home in the village.

The rest of our students arrived back in the Village on January 13, one day before the start of our academic year. They jumped right into their courses (English, Mathematics, Chemistry, History, Physics, etc.), clubs (Student Government, Liquidnet Journalists, Debate, Girl Up, etc.), and Enrichment Programs (Guitar, Football, Photography & Videography, Basketball, etc).

If you are here for the first time and want to learn about the ASYV Model and our lingo (Enrichment Programs, Core Values, Enrichment Year), you can read all about it here

There is always so much going on at the Village that we wish all our supporters and readers could come and experience it in person. But we know that is not an option for everyone. So, over this year we will share as much of ASYV with you as possible! Continue to keep up with our blog (thank you for reading), sign up for our email updates at the bottom of our home page, and follow us on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

Submitted by Seth Moskowitz, Communications Fellow 2019  

Jill Radwin