In Celebration of Women's History Month, Meet a Few of ASYV's Powerful Young Women


From the minute they arrive on campus, our young women are given the tools to become confident leaders in their community.

This month, our female empowerment clubs led several girls-only initiatives to lift ASYV's female voices, including a speech competition, a visit with local girls to discuss challenges facing women in Rwanda, a business plan competition, and a field trip to Kigali to explore businesses led by women. In celebration of women’s history month and the powerful young women of ASYV, we invite you to meet three of our female leaders below.


Deborah A., DJ Deborah (Class of 2021)

ASYV’s First Female DJ

DJ Deborah is ASYV’s first female DJ. She mixes music and sound for the weekly Village Time talent shows and often performs for students at the weekly dance party called Boom.

Before coming to ASYV, she dreamed of learning to DJ because she loves music, but did not have a platform or way to learn at home. When she came to the Village, she was determined to master this skill. The journey tested Deborah's persistence and confidence, taking a lot of time and effort. Looking back, she says the experience taught her how to “work hard and persist.”

Deborah feels that being the first girl to DJ at ASYV has “opened a platform for other girls that were fearing to show their potential” and wants all “the girls at ASYV to go the extra mile and believe in themselves.” 

Mary M. (Class of 2019)

Student Government Vice President

As Vice President of ASYV's Student Government, Mary oversees all of the “Ministers” in student government and their many initiatives.

Mary ran for Vice President because she “wanted to give a voice to voiceless students and advocate for them.” She is inspired by her experiences before coming to ASYV when she relied on the love and support of her older siblings who worked to make sure that she had enough food to eat and clothing to wear.

"[I have developed] strong qualities like confidence, how to support others, truthfulness and how to be a role model,” she says of her leadership role. She hopes that her role as Student Government VP will encourage other girls at ASYV to step into leadership roles and notes, "nothing can be done by boys that women can’t do.”


Hyguette M. (Class of 2022)

Speech Competition Winner

Hyguette, who is in her first year at ASYV is primed to take the big stage at the end of the term to represent the Enrichment Year class as the top public speaker in this year's Girls’ Speech Competition.

The grade-wide competition, which took place earlier this month, started at the family level. Every girls’ family held a competition at Family Time and chose one winner to move on to the next round.

Hyguette won with an engaging and insightful speech — “The Dangers of Hiding Who You Are.”

Hyguette enjoys public speaking because it helps her sharpen her mind, her logic, and her self-confidence. Hyguette attributes her success at the competition to practice, research, and the self-assurance she has within her. "I started practicing so that I could [make] a great speech in front of many. What came next was feeling confident and ready for the competition."

Jill Radwin