Student Poetry - Where Do You Belong? By Ruth Uwitonze

ASYV students use writing and poetry as a creative outlet. Meet one of our gifted poets, Ruth Uwitonze (Class of 2020) and read her poem submission, Where Do You Belong?

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My name is Ruth Uwitonze, I am 19 years old. I am in the Umurage grade and part of the Helen Keller Family. I study History, Economics and Geography. 

Last year during vacation, I worked as an intern at The New Times Rwanda; I learned a lot and I am sharing what I learned with my peers through the ASYV Tribune Club. 

I never give up in my life because I always believe that tomorrow I will accomplish my wish. I really like to write stories, poems, and sometimes songs. I live with a disability but believe that a disability is not an inability. I consider disability a chance, not a challenge.

Where Do You Belong?

By the end of this life

You will be regretting

Things you didn’t do

Because of ignorance

I will ask you that

Where do you belong?

You will cry

You will smile

You will open your file

And read your miles

You worked through this

Journey of struggles

You never know where you

Will be tomorrow because

Your gate is narrow

You look at yourself in the mirror,

Correct your error and

Help your fellows

Where do you belong

I see you in wrong

But you say that you are strong

Your foot steps in two places

We don’t know where to find you

We always see you around

You hide your mistakes

While you have judgements

You know the right place

But you pass in dark space

With no fear, no tear, confidently!

Where do you belong?

You fear impunity

You act negativity

You always have impossibility

And improbability

You don’t have a permanent home

You are always under cover

Where do you belong?

The real person I knew

Is not you I see day to day

The real face I knew has changed

You always postpone your throne

Of anger, you never mind any

Circumstances you face

You always take it for granted

Where do you belong?

Where do you belong?

Where can we find you?

You don’t have a native land

You are from abroad

You always find yourself in bond.

You never started the journey to end it

You have the idea but you hide it

Your heart is always pretending

With no defending

We don’t see you in morning

Where do you belong?

Where do you belong?

In the morning of happiness

Where do you belong

In the time of weakness

Where do you belong

In the night of darkness

Struggles, dangers, challenges

Sadness, Where do you belong?

Jill Radwin