Ezekel Takes the Stage

Ezekel shared his newfound talent at 'Enrichment Program Graduation'

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Ezekel (Class of 2022) didn’t know how deeply he loved music before he sat in front of a piano. Growing up in Rwanda’s Northern Province, Ezekel couldn’t afford to play music at home and his school didn’t have the resources to provide a musical education. That changed when Ezekel arrived at Agahozo-Shalom.

At ASYV, we believe that a student with a passion is a student more engaged with life. Enrichment programs in athletics and the arts, like volleyball and videography, give our students the opportunity to try something new and to learn about themselves.

For Ezekel, this journey began with the piano; he started slowly, learning keys and chords, and then he began devoting weekend time to practicing, outside of class. Ezekel had found something exciting, and he was soon ready to share that discovery with the Village.

Though Ezekel had never been on stage before, he agreed to go under the spotlight for a special celebration: the Enrichment Program Graduation. A special Village Time event, the Enrichment Program Graduation showcased what our students had learned in the first six months of their enrichment programs. Including a fashion show by the sewing program, during which our students showcased original and modified garments, and the performance of a traditional ceremony by the Rwandan culture program, this event also gave Ezekel the chance to shine for the first time.

Our piano students – with a determined Ezekel out in front – performed a popular Rwandan song called Ntawamusimbura (No One Can Replace Her). Commenting on his performance, Ezekel said “I perform so I can show the difference between the old me and the me now. Before, I didn’t know anything about the piano, but now I know.” Through music, Ezekel has found a talent, something he can be proud to practice and share with others.


Watch scenes from the EP graduation in this student-made video!

Jill Radwin