Elvis Releases a Hit


Inyarabuga Elvis — stage name, “Levis Lenzy” — is an Enrichment Year student at ASYV. He loves singing and making music and has become a school celebrity for his creativity and talent. Below is a short biography, written by Elvis himself, about his love for music and the meaning behind his new hit, "Till the End." 

My name is Levis Lenzy (real name Inyarabuga Elvis) and I am a Rwandan student and up-and-coming artist from ASYV. The thirst to lift up my family (my mom) made me start writing songs, as I was told that I was talented. At ASYV, I have the opportunity to use a recording studio to make my songs. “Till the End” is my first recorded song that I wrote to speak to people who doubt if they will be loved. You can follow me on YouTube at LevisLenzy. Thank you for listening.

 Listen to “Till the End” by clicking the video below!

Jill Radwin